“For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro, throughout the whole earth TO GIVE STRONG SUPPORT to those whose hearts are blameless toward Him.” (2 Chron 16:9a)

As a homeschooling mom with seven children, my life sometimes feels REALLY complicated and overwhelming, and I need STRONG SUPPORT!  God is LOOKING for people to help!  I’m so glad that this verse does not say that the Lord is looking to give strong support to those who “show potential” or are already “successful.”  All I need to do is have a “blameless” heart…

I hope that this at least partially means feeling helpless and DEPENDING on God alone for everything—everything from salvation to putting one foot in front of the other when I don’t feel like it! And even though I don’t like the feeling of helplessness (because I feel like I must be doing something wrong; maybe I bit off more than I could chew), I think that the more helpless I feel, and therefore the more DEPENDENT I am on God, the more He will give me strong support and work through me.

But I don’t think we moms always see God’s power at work in us because we’re so in-the-thick-of-it (—and we still feel so overwhelmed!)

Also, it simplifies my life and alleviates some anxiety to remember that God can do more for my children (IF I DEPEND ON HIM through prayer and obedience) than I could ever do on my own—even if I had all the time in the world!

  • “Every new duty calls for more grace than I now possess, but not more than is found in thee… May [I] honor thee by my entire dependency and the greatness of my expectation.” (Valley of Vision)

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