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This is from The Valley of Vision…      

Let the mighty tide of his everlasting love cover the rocks of my sin and care;
       Then let my spirit float above those things which had else wrecked my life.
Make me fruitful by living to that love,
       my character becoming more beautiful every day. 
If traces of Christ’s love-artistry be upon me,
       may he work on with his divine brush
       until the complete image be obtained
       and I be made a perfect copy of him,
       my Master.

I love the word “fruitful!”  It inspires me to work hard at soaking up all the nutrients from the “vine” so that I will have abundant fruit!  (John 15:5)


Do you feel “unable to do life”?

A few more helpful quotes from A Praying Life, by Paul Miller…

“[Jesus] is inviting us into his life of helpless dependence on his heavenly Father.  To become more like Jesus is to feel increasingly unable to do life…”

Jesus might say this to us:  “…your own strength will no more help you to stand upright than propping yourself on a broken reed.  You must not despair of me.  You may hope and trust me absolutely.”

“A praying life isn’t simply a morning prayer time; it is about slipping into prayer at odd hours of the day, not because we are disciplined but because we are in touch with our own poverty of spirit…”

There sure are days when I feel like I am “unable to do life”, and they are evidently a blessing, showing me my true state–totally dependent on a Savior and Helper!

Parenting By Prayer

I read the following yesterday and was SO ENCOURAGED!  In his book, The Praying Life, Paul Miller writes,

“It took me seventeen years to realize I couldn’t parent on my own…If I didn’t deliberately and reflectively pray for members of my family by name every morning, they’d kill one another.  I was incapable of getting inside their hearts…God answered my prayer[s]…it didn’t take long to realize that I did my best parenting by prayer.  I began to speak less to the kids and more to God.  It was actually quite relaxing.”

This has encouraged me to pray more, even while I’m in the middle of talking to a child or two!

Praying for a Less Busy Heart

“If you are not praying, then you are quietly confident that time, money and talent are all you need in life.  You’ll always be a little too tired, a little too busy.  But if, like Jesus, you realize you can’t do life on your own, then no matter how busy, no matter how tired you are, you will find the time to pray.” 

“Learning to pray doesn’t offer us a less busy life; it offers us a less busy heart.”  (from A Praying Life, by Paul Miller)

Slight Change of Course to Deal With My Thyroid

I haven’t written recently, nor do I feel like I’ve done much of anything recently because I’ve been so tired!  (I took two naps today, and no, I’m not pregnant. 🙂 )  I’m not decluttering OR doing school, and even getting on my computer isn’t as interesting anymore.  I have felt more hypothyroid than normal lately (I’ve had it for eight years), but I have hope for the future, and here’s why…

A few weeks ago, I attended a workshop about the OTHER reasons a person may have hypothyroid symptoms, other than their thyroid.  (There’s a long list of symptoms, so I’ll just say they all leave you feeling tired and blah.  Your thyroid hormone is what makes everything else work properly, and I’m not kidding.)   I learned that the number one cause of hypothyroid in the U.S.  is Hashimoto’s, or autoimmune thyroiditis, where the body’s immune system is attacking its own thyroid.  It’s also commonly caused by pregnancy.  Hmm.  I’m 99% sure I have it.

The problem is, while thyroid replacement can help you feel better for a while, it doesn’t actually solve the problem, and the immune system often goes on to attack other areas of the body, like the liver, adrenals, brain and heart.  I know my adrenals are already shot because I can’t handle any stress whatsoever, and I think my brain is on its way down, too.  So…I just had my first appointment yesterday with the doctor who led the workshop, and on Thursday I will find out his prognosis (and how expensive it’s going to be!) 

I already know that I’m in for some dietary changes, as all autoimmune thyroiditis people are allergic to gluten.  Sugar, also, is a huge problem (for everyone, actually, but especially for hypothyroid people.)  I’ll have to do an elimination/provocation diet, and maybe a detox diet.  And the coffee has got to go.  (Sniff)  My children already say that I live on practically nothing, so now it’s going to be REALLY nothing! 🙂  Not really.  I’m sure I can eat salad—with special dressing and no cheese.