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The Death of Our 36-year-old Freezer…Sorry Grandma!

Today we said good-bye to my grandma’s freezer, which we have owned for 15 years.  As we were waiting in front of it for the new freezer to arrive (we get excited about little things!), we wondered how old it really was.  So I told this story…

When I was (I think) seven, my grandma broke both of her arms while ice skating.  (I thought that was cool when I was seven; now I realize it wasn’t.)  As children like to do, I drew a picture of my grandma with both arms in a cast.  That picture hung on my grandma’s freezer for many years.  That’s how I knew the freezer was at least 36 years old.

Then we looked up “Sears Coldspot Freezer” online and learned that Sears only made “Coldspots” from 1928 to 1976.

I was sad to see it go, since it represented so many happy memories of my grandma’s house (and her cooking and baking), but here are some nice things about the new freezer…


  • The new freezer door closes all the way (and it’s even hard to open)!
  • We don’t have to use duct tape to keep the door closed.
  • I won’t have to dig out what I want from the freezer.
  • I won’t have to work really hard to get something in.
  • Our food is going to taste better—and I won’t have to keep throwing away my frozen vegetables.
  • It’s going to be less expensive to run.
  • It’s clean.
  • It’s cold.

I hope my children and grandchildren grow up to have fond memories of our freezer—and the food and holidays and family get-togethers it represents!