Announcing Aimee Grace

On Saturday Evening, after 13 hours of labor (about 11 of them with minimal pain) our third daughter was born at 10:33 pm.

We have a child-naming pattern. All of our boys’ names start with B,C,D,E and F (but not in that order).

Sons and One Daughter

Sons and One Daughter

Our girls’ start with Ad and An.

3 Daughters.

3 Daughters.

Now we have an Ai.

Aimee Grace was born with fairly long light brown hair. She is our second smallest, at 7 pounds, 10 ounces.

It’s been almost eleven years since I gave birth to E, our youngest biological child. He just asked if he could change Aimee’s diaper.

Aimee and a ten and a half year old

Aimee and a ten and a half year old

And it’s been more than five year since we adopted F. But the memories and skills are coming back.

Aimee and a five year old

Aimee and a five year old

We feel blessed and amazed that in God’s grace, he would gift us with another life!

By the way, here’s my husband’s post about our new daughter. It has more information.


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  1. Posted by Bea on March 18, 2014 at 5:55 pm

    The pictures of your precious jewels are a true celebration of Aimee’s induction into your family!


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