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Why I’ve Been Gone…

I just thought I would mention that my laptop has been going in and out of “surgeries” for three months(!), since the middle of December.  My loving husband bought me an iPod Touch during that time (which I really, really, REALLY like), but it’s a little hard to blog on it (at least for me.)  🙂

So hopefully, my computer is now here to stay!


Adoption – Hard (Maybe), But Not Joyless

Our sermon on Sunday (and my subsequent post about it) made me think about adoption, and I’d like to encourage any of you who might be thinking about it to take the first step.  It’s a great way to “tend to things temporary with a mind on things eternal.”

For those of you who didn’t know, we adopted two of our seven children.  (And I bet you can’t tell which two from the picture…it’s the girl holding the boy–and the boy.)

Here’s a link to an article about adoption; I got it from a friend’s blog, Abilgail’s Leftovers.  Here’s an excerpt…

If you want your “dream baby,” do not adopt or foster a child: buy a cat and make-believe. Adopting an orphan isn’t ordering a consumer item or buying a pet. Such a mindset hurts the child, and countless other children and families. Adoption is about taking on risk as cross-bearing love…

Children are alive. Children are persons, with individuality that can’t ultimately be suppressed. Children, of all sorts, are, by definition, unpredictable. Children shatter your life-plan. Adoption certainly does.

It’s worth it…

If what you like is the idea of a baby who fulfills your needs and meets your expectations, just buy a cat. Decorate the nursery, if you’d like. Dress it up in pink or blue, and take pictures. And be sure to have it declawed.

BUT…if you want a challenge that also helps another soul in need, spreads the gospel, shows the love of Jesus, makes you trust God more, teaches you about yourself, AND GIVES YOU JOY, then adopt!  God will not give you more than you can handle.

“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”
2 Corinthians 12:9

The Results of Our Family Recording Session – John 14:2-3

Our family loves to sing together, and last week we recorded a Fighter Verse Song  we’ve been working on.  (I am SO HAPPY we now have a tenor in our family; we have a choir!)

It’s going to be tweaked a little more (mostly to hear the kids more than me), but it had to go online today because it’s our church’s verse this week.  Scott joins us the second time through.  THANK YOU to everyone who helped us with this!

Here is John 14:2-3…

Slight Change of Course to Deal With My Thyroid

I haven’t written recently, nor do I feel like I’ve done much of anything recently because I’ve been so tired!  (I took two naps today, and no, I’m not pregnant. 🙂 )  I’m not decluttering OR doing school, and even getting on my computer isn’t as interesting anymore.  I have felt more hypothyroid than normal lately (I’ve had it for eight years), but I have hope for the future, and here’s why…

A few weeks ago, I attended a workshop about the OTHER reasons a person may have hypothyroid symptoms, other than their thyroid.  (There’s a long list of symptoms, so I’ll just say they all leave you feeling tired and blah.  Your thyroid hormone is what makes everything else work properly, and I’m not kidding.)   I learned that the number one cause of hypothyroid in the U.S.  is Hashimoto’s, or autoimmune thyroiditis, where the body’s immune system is attacking its own thyroid.  It’s also commonly caused by pregnancy.  Hmm.  I’m 99% sure I have it.

The problem is, while thyroid replacement can help you feel better for a while, it doesn’t actually solve the problem, and the immune system often goes on to attack other areas of the body, like the liver, adrenals, brain and heart.  I know my adrenals are already shot because I can’t handle any stress whatsoever, and I think my brain is on its way down, too.  So…I just had my first appointment yesterday with the doctor who led the workshop, and on Thursday I will find out his prognosis (and how expensive it’s going to be!) 

I already know that I’m in for some dietary changes, as all autoimmune thyroiditis people are allergic to gluten.  Sugar, also, is a huge problem (for everyone, actually, but especially for hypothyroid people.)  I’ll have to do an elimination/provocation diet, and maybe a detox diet.  And the coffee has got to go.  (Sniff)  My children already say that I live on practically nothing, so now it’s going to be REALLY nothing! 🙂  Not really.  I’m sure I can eat salad—with special dressing and no cheese.

I’ve been a little distracted recently…

I haven’t posted for a while now because my husband and I were busy contemplating adopting a waiting child from the Philippines; we think God is saying “No,” or “Not right now.”  In the meantime, however, I was SUPER busy with paper work, phone calls and emails, trying to collect as much helpful information as I could about this little boy’s medical history, as well as what kind of resources it would take to raise him.  (Also, nothing else seemed worth writing about at the time, yet I didn’t want to write about a possible adoption if it wasn’t going to become reality.)  So . . . now that our decision is in the past, I can write again!  (Are we going to adopt someone else, you ask?  We don’t know…we’ll see what God has planned.)

When “Simple Diligence” Doesn’t Seem Like Enough

One of my philosophies is that I need to be diligent with the important, eternal things in life, especially since I am influencing seven people of the next generation.  This often means spending time on things that don’t seem to have an immediate effect, such as Bible reading, learning verses and catechisms, and discussing, in general, things of eternity.  (And these things certainly are not valued by the general population and would not be considered “productive” as in, there’s not a lot to show for my work at the end of the day.)

Although I believe this is a good use of my time, there are times when I feel like being diligent all day is keeping me from being “productive” at all!  Like, when do I clean out my closet?  When do I go through all my homeschooling stuff?  When do I simplify my home by decluttering the storage room?  While I am basically keeping up with the main household chores, I am NOT keeping up with the simplifying aspects of home management. 

So I’m going to try an experiment.  Since I am so routine, I am going to try to focus on my walk-in closet for just five minutes a day.  I don’t know if this is really possible (to find five minutes and then just work on it for just five minutes), but I’m going to try it for the month of July and see what it looks like at the end of the month.  I’d better get going!  It’s so terrible, I can’t even post a before-picture!

Well, I’m back.  It’s amazing what you can get done in 5 minutes!  I threw away three pairs of shoes and straightened the rest, hung up some dresses, put others in the laundry, and brought one baby-item down to the storage room.  I had to tell myself that I did NOT need to wait until I found ALL of the baby items before I made the trip downstairs!

“Call Out For Insight”

This morning was ONE OF THOSE MORNINGS when it seems like NOTHING went well—mostly because of kids’ attitudes.   I feel like I was bombarded by one child (who shall remain nameless) from the moment I got out of bed, and foolishly thinking that this problem would go away, I just kept making breakfast and getting ready without stopping to deal with a sinful heart.  But it didn’t go away; it got worse. 

Then, during my devotions, I read Proverbs 2, and was impressed with the WORDS Solomon chose to describe HOW we are to seek after wisdom and insight (which I REALLY NEED)!

“…if you CALL OUT  for insight and RAISE YOUR VOICE for understanding, if you SEEK IT LIKE SILVER and SEARCH FOR IT as for hidden treasures, THEN you will…find the knowledge of God.”  (parts of Proverbs 2:3,4,5)

I certainly feel like CALLING OUT and RAISING MY VOICE for help after this morning!  But the truth is, I should be doing that EVERY DAY!  Even routinely asking God for wisdom every Monday isn’t good enough to last the whole week!  I often say that working with seven sinners all day—eight, including myself—is REALLY HARD!  So every morning I need to “cry aloud to God… and he will hear me.”  (Psalm 77:1)

Note:  The picture is not mine, but it reflects how I felt this morning!