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Simplicity, Clothes and Aprons

I just made a new denim skirt for myself because my current one is getting very faded and worn-looking.  This has gotten me thinking about my fall & winter season, at-home wardrobe, which I love because it is so simple!

For several years now, I’ve had a rule that I only buy what will go with black shoes and nylons.  So almost every day (remember, I stay at home), I wear a dark skirt, a turtleneck (I have lots of colors—although white is my favorite), and a full-length (full-body) apron—the old-fashioned kind.  Even my hair clips and headbands are black, since I’m always wearing black shoes!

It is so simple, AND I get to pretend I’m old-fashioned!  I’m sure everyone who comes to my door thinks I’m crazy, but I don’t care!  My next project needs to be another apron, because I go through them pretty quickly, and my November/Thanksgiving apron is beginning to fall apart!

Here’s an apron pattern I used a few years ago, and I loved it so much, I wore it out!

And below is the pattern I’d like to use to make aprons for my two daughters…


Sewing a Men’s Suitcoat: Sewing 501?

I spent most of yesterday at a friend’s house, helping with a challenging sewing project; she’s making a regency men’s coat (complete with penguin tails!) for her brother. 

I was there mostly to decipher the instructions, since neither of us have ever made a men’s suitcoat before!  I wish my mom was still here to help, as she never got around to teaching  me how to make a suit!