“Children Thrive on Joy”

Here’s something I need to remind myself of A LOT!  I read the following in a book a long time ago, and copied it into my Prayer Notebook:

“Children thrive on JOY.  They will do anything for someone WHO ENJOYS THEM…Let your child look into your FACE and see someone DELIGHTING IN THEIR PRESENCE…SMILE your child into obedience…You won’t have to drive them if you give them SOMETHING WORTH FOLLOWING.”   (Emphasis mine)

Wow!  Wouldn’t it be nice if I could be like this all the time?  This scenario sounds SO NICE, but it is SO HARD to achieve!  In fact, I can only achieve it by putting things in the proper perspective:  MY agenda is not as important as GOD’S agenda.  In other words, I can only enjoy my children if I don’t see them as stumbling blocks to finishing my To Do List!  (And my To Do List is filled with mostly child-related items!  How’s that for irony?):) happy


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