My Watch and My Prayer Life

I love my new watch!  It has three alarm-time options, a timer which can stop or repeat at the end, and an interval timer.  So…how am I using it?  I am using it to “pray without ceasing.”  I have it set to beep every five minutes, and every time it beeps, I pray.  I pray for whatever I happen to be doing–or whoever I’m with at the moment.  I have two goals:  one is to pray more often, and about everything; the other is to train myself to pray “without ceasing” even without the reminder!  Even after just a few days, I think it’s working!  I’m starting to pray about things that I didn’t used to pray about, and more often.

For example, I was helping Barrett learn his new piano lesson.  My watch beeped probably three times while I was sitting with him, so I prayed that he would learn his lesson well, that he would desire to glorify God through his piano playing, and that he and I would have a strong, loving relationship–all very short and simple, but I felt like I was using my time very wisely!

Only one drawback; I’m sure people wonder why my watch keeps beeping.


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  1. Awesome idea! I whispered a prayer in the bathroom yesterday just before we started school for the day.


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