Homeschooling Experiment

I’ve always been a little stressed out about doing only school in the morning and leaving everything else (like laundry, cleaning, etc.) for the afternoon.  What normally happens is, I’m too tired after lunch to begin (let alone finish) the “physical labor” involved in housekeeping.  And it just seems so much more right/wholesome/even biblical to get up and get my hard work done in the morning.

So…we’re going to try a little experiment to “free up” my mornings.  My goal is to spend three hours “doing school” in the afternoon.  (I know some of you are gasping about that short amount of time, but I just can’t spend my whole day doing school!  And we do go year-round, which relieves some of the pressure to do everything all at the same time.)  Also, instead of doing school Monday through Thursday, I think we’ll do Tuesday through Thursday, with half-days on Monday and Friday.  That way, I can focus on most of the laundry on Monday morning, most of the house cleaning on Friday morning, and other weekly and monthy chores Tuesday throught Thursday.

My older kids can begin their school work in the morning, with the goal of having only “group school” remaining–and/or work with which they need my help. 

We’ll see how it goes, but wouldn’t you know, my plan will be “messed up” right from the get-go because this Monday is Labor Day!  :{

“Commit your work to the LORD, and your plans will be established.”  (Proverbs 16:3)


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  1. Hello there. Allow me one thought on this. I taught first grade for four years, and I definitely saw how children are most alert and ready for learning FIRST thing in the morning.

    After lunch both the students and I needed a nap! (There’s no nap time in our public school here for kindergarteners, much less first graders and their teacher.)

    When my students had a short time after lunch for resting and a read-aloud and then went to PE, they were more awake again. They sort of caught their second wind.

    I would humbly suggest continuing school in the mornings, and then having some rest time for everyone after lunch. Then, perhaps, the whole family will catch their second wind. 🙂


    • I agree that would be the best way to operate. But here are three thoughts about my situation:
      1) I’ve been doing just that (what you advised) for years, and I never get my “second wind”, even after a nap (–an issue I am looking into…I just found out that one of my iron levels is VERY low, and I’m hypothryoid.)
      2) Also, because the government does not require me to clean my house or do laundry, 🙂 my household chores never get finished! I’m hoping that since school IS required by law, and it also does not require physical labor, I’ll be somewhat motivated to force myself to do it! (I’d rather sit down with a cup of coffe and Latin in the afternoon than tackle cleaning!)
      3) Finally, my kids do A LOT if independent work, which they can (and will) do in the morning. I can be available for questions in the morning, and then the afteroon (after a nap) will be more for learning new concepts that require my help.
      4) Okay, I added another…I believe that it’s biblical to work first, then partake in “luxuries.” I know this is not an American idea, but education is a luxury, whereas survival skills are necessary. I’d like my children to think of education as a priviledge.

      Believe me, I’ve thought about this, probably too much, as I have an unexplainable obsession with time! (As in, no matter what I’m doing, I feel like I should be doing something else!) So there’s the explanation for my little experiment!


  2. Wow, you’ve really thought through all this. 🙂 Girl, you do whatever you need to.


  3. Hi Debbie – It’s always fun to try new routines, isn’t it? I also try to minimize “my” school in the morning though I work for up to an hour with my younger elementary kids on their workbooks. it’s during naptime (for toddlers, baby) in the afternoon that we do read-alouds, discussions, science experiments, etc. And my kids, like yours, do more and more independently as they get older. Our housework is before, during and after and we have somehow developed a habit of doing quite a bit of the clean up in the evening, often as soon as we hear Dad is on his way home! Nothing is perfect, for sure, but it sort of works for us. Have you ever heard of I have found her ideas very, very helpful in doing a little bit in short routines a few times a day and not trying to do everything all at once, or trying to “catch up” – she’s very encouraging, which is always nice. I don’t really “do” flylady, but things I learned from her ten years ago are still with me today in the way I organize and declutter. (Granted, I’m not going to be the posterchild for organizing or decluttering, still…) Let us know how your week goes! I hope you are feeling better, and I hope to see you soon! Oh, one strange thing for me is that I am really slow and sloggy in the morning, and have so much care for our four youngest (age 4 and younger) that it is hard for me, personally, to hit chores early in the day. The kids have helpful chore routines that hit some key places (toilets, sinks, breakfast cleaning, bringing laundry down) even when I’m not a part of the picture. Afternoon and evening I have a lot more energy for some reason. I think it is good and wise to put your tasks into your times of energy. 🙂


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