Do you feel “unable to do life”?

A few more helpful quotes from A Praying Life, by Paul Miller…

“[Jesus] is inviting us into his life of helpless dependence on his heavenly Father.  To become more like Jesus is to feel increasingly unable to do life…”

Jesus might say this to us:  “…your own strength will no more help you to stand upright than propping yourself on a broken reed.  You must not despair of me.  You may hope and trust me absolutely.”

“A praying life isn’t simply a morning prayer time; it is about slipping into prayer at odd hours of the day, not because we are disciplined but because we are in touch with our own poverty of spirit…”

There sure are days when I feel like I am “unable to do life”, and they are evidently a blessing, showing me my true state–totally dependent on a Savior and Helper!


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  1. I’ll pray that you’ll be able today.


  2. Posted by Shepherd's Cottage Farm on August 28, 2011 at 6:03 pm

    That reminds me of what Nancy DeMoss (author of Lies Women Believe) encouraged me with after we brought home 2 babies from Ethiopia. She told me that my inadequacies would make me more dependent on the Lord. How true!


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