Parenting: Focus on GRACE, or SELF-ESTEEM?

I’ve been reading Give Them Grace (by Fitzpatrick and Thompson), and today I read…

“So much of what we’re advised to do as parents is so that our kids will feel good about themselves…

…if we persist in seeking to build our child’s self-esteem by praising them, we make them into our own image, boys and girls who idolize the benediction, adults who are enslaved to the opinions of others, and parents who pass on the lie to the next generation…

The one encouragement we can always give our children (and one another) is that God is more powerful than our sin, and he’s strong enough to make us want to do the right thing.”

I’ve witnessed parents making their child’s self-esteem the highest priority all the time (or so it seemed), and I’ve got to think that that mindset severely limits what they’re “allowed” to say to their child or expect of them!  (And it seems like this kind of parenting and whiny children go hand-in-hand. Hmm.)

But…I’ve often realized in retrospect (after dealing with one of my children) that the reason I expected what I did of him or her was based on what MY human/sinful nature would want.  I truly am sometimes just raising my children to be like ME instead of CHRIST.  I am so thankful that God’s power is greater than my sin!

Give Them Grace: Dazzling Your Kids with the Love of Jesus can be purchased from CROSSWAY BOOKS.


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  2. Missing your posts–hope everything is ok, and you are having a good summer!!


    • Thanks, Rebecca; you, too! Yes, everything is okay; we were making a big decision for awhile, which made everything else seem non-significant and not worth writing about. Maybe I’ll write about it, now that the decision has been made!


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