Teaching Songs to Children

If you’d like to do more SINGING in your FAMILY, but aren’t sure how to go about it, check out THIS LINK to find out how my husband (with no music degree) teaches songs to his Kindergarten/First Grade class at church. 

This is also how he teaches the Fighter Verse songs to our kids at home, and we now know hundreds of Scripture verses that have been put into song.  And if anyone says that having to sing them isn’t good enough, I would ask them if they could recite 400-500 verses on the spot.  My kids can, by singing the songs!  (Now, LISTENING to the WORDS you’re singing–that’s the next step, and should not be neglected.)

A little adverstisement:  You can purchase CD’s of family-friendlyFighter Verse songs HERE and scroll down to the bottom section of the page.


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