Well, I’ve gone and gotten my kids all excited about “emptying” the house before our trip.  To their credit, they helped get rid of A LOT of stuff today, and two of them even continued organizing what is left of their own personal things.  And this is after getting rid of 14 grocery bags of give-away stuff this morning.  I should have counted the sacks for garbage, too…I do know that we’re almost out of grocery sacks now (and we bring home at least ten every week!)

BUT…we don’t have everything put back after emptying and rearranging a few dressers and shelves.  We actually got rid of TWO dressers in the last two days (that were not empty), but what’s left from them either needs to be gone through or put in a place that is still cluttered, as in, too full!  So it’s not looking great around here.  I think I said to my kids at least three times today, “No free time until this place won’t give Dad a heart attack when he comes home!” 

“So,” you ask, “why are you on the computer?”  Because my legs hurt and I need a break!  (It IS fun, though, and my reward for finishing will be painting the living room!)


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