A “Super Simple Month”

Maybe August is going to be my “Super Simple Month.”  I read the following today on a blog called “unclutterer” that I read every so often, as this blog sometimes pertains to my life; sometimes doesn’t.  Here’s an excerpt from this last April, the author’s”Super Simple Month.”

“To me, a Super Simple Month is defined as no travel for work, one social engagement a week or less, no shopping except for necessities, and no new large projects (craft, writing, organizations, etc.). The goal is to finish some items already in progress on my to-list, relax as much as I can with my family, and be as low-key as possible.”  Read more here.

This sounds great, but it can’t be July, as I’ve committed to working as hard as I can to declutter my house!  And since we homeschool year-round (except for this week, since I’m learning the art of decluttering as I go), August is not a big get-ready-for-school month.  (In fact, I’ve already promoted my kids to the next grade level, and they’ve already started some new books.) 

Also, one reason I hate coming back from a vacation is because I have to come back to a house full of clutter that is constantly whispering to me that I’m a failure–a failure to deal with all the stuff!  (But my emotions don’t differentiate between being a failure in a specific area and being a failure in general!)  So…(here’s something I just thought of this week), I’ve decided that I really need to declutter my house before we go up to the North Shore (of Lake Superior) this August.  Maybe I’ll actually look forward to coming home to a neat, simple, serene environment!  (I’d better seriously get busy!)


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