Traveling – Part 5: Take Notes While On Your Trip!

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been taking notes WHILE TRAVELING for several years now, and it has REALLY HELPED make subsequent trips run more smoothly!  Your own notes will be more valuable, but here are some of my more “generic” ones:

  • Bring lots of plastic grocery bags for garbage.
  • Everyone should have their own tissue package.
  • Back packs that unzip are good; you can actually SEE what’s in them!
  • Plan a “fun” meal for the day AFTER the trip so there’s something to look forward to.  (We ordered pizza!)
  • Don’t PLAN to run errands during the last two days of packing.
  • Have an emergency bag handy for mud and/or water accidents (extra socks, etc.)  (This has happened more than once!) 
  • Have a small “over-the-shoulder” purse or bag in which to carry a small first-aid kit while on a short hike.
  • Have a collapsible insulated bag for picnics that are a “hike” away from the van so we don’t have to carry the cooler (if the weather is hot.)

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