Worship and Pulling Weeds: Necessary for a Thriving Garden

After being gone for eight days, our yet-to-be-planted GARDEN was completely OVER-RUN BY WEEDS, and even the perennials had a few weeds trying to take over.  So the kids and I spent some time yesterday PULLING WEEDS, and Barrett even got out the lawn mower and just mowed down the weeds in the paths (which had been covered with wood chips last summer, but you couldn’t even see them yesterday!)  Here’s a picture after we finished; I wish I had taken a before-picture, because it was pretty bad!  You can see we even pulled off the fence so we could get at the REALLY tall grass that had been growing along the fence. 

Anyway… while in singing in church today, I was being REFRESHED and INSPIRED by the words of the worship songs, and got to thinking that CORPORATE WORSHIP IS SIMILAR TO PULLING WEEDS.  Weeds have been growing up around me all week; weeds that have the potential to distract me from my true mission and even choke out my energy. 

Actually, I think I’ll call it grass, because we WANT grass—just in the right place—and the tasks that surround me all week are actually necessary; they just need to be IN THE RIGHT PLACE.  I think that the “grass” in my garden is “out of place” when I put more importance on GETTING THINGS DONE than in doing them in a GOD-GLORIFYING WAY.  How do I know I’m doing that?  –When I feel angry with my kids for hindering my “progress.” 

So singing words that help me focus on CHRIST and ETERNITY is a lot like cutting back the grass that has overstepped its boundary.  I need it on a regular basis, and what a blessing it is!

“Fill the GARDEN OF MY SOUL with the wind of love, that the SCENTS of the Christian life may be WAFTED to others…” (from The Valley of Vision)


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