Is Simplicity Just Having “A Place for Everything . . . “?

I’m thinking about SIMPLICITY again, and got to thinking this morning that one of the reasons my life does not seem simple is because I have “reminders” of the MISCELLANEOUS TASKS that I need to do surrounding me all the time!  I have mile-long lists, and lots of piles of things that were put there ON PURPOSE–BY ME to “remind” myself that it needs attention.  How dumb is that? 

My first thought was, I don’t just need “a PLACE for everything…” mantra, I need “a TIME for everything” mantra.  In other words, I need a specific TIME when I deal with certain tasks, and then organize the reminders for those tasks in such a way that they are HIDDEN until the proper TIME.  But what does it mean to HIDE the reminder?  Put it in a file folder, which is a PLACE! 

So I DO need a place for everything.  I’ve been doing this a little bit already, but I’ve decided to write all these miscellaneous tasks that come up on scratch paper (one per paper)* and put them in my “today” folder–not to be looked at until I’m sitting down to do paper work.  Then, I’ll put them in the order of urgency and work on one at a time.  Whatever doesn’t get done gets put back in the folder for the next day.  After all, that’s how I operated as a church secretary many years ago; it might work for a large family, too!

Now many of my “reminders” are three-dimensional PIECES OF CLUTTER on my kitchen counter, like the old-fashioned film that has to be developed (I have no idea WHERE, so it’s not likely to get done soon!)  So instead of looking at that dusty film and feeling guilty for the next month or year, I’m going to write DEVELOP FILM on a piece of paper (along with where I put it!), and maybe eventually that will be the only thing left in my folder!  🙂  (And at least I’ll only feel guilty once a day, instead of multiple times a day!)

*Note:  Long lists stress me out, especially when I know there’s no chance of finishing it AND most of the tasks are boring and/or difficult!

Any more ideas/thoughts?


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