Prayer for Children: Tuesday

Here’s the prayer list for Tuesday (see Monday’s introduction)…That they would…

  • Learn to pray and praise
  • Love the Word of God
  • Seek to please God and to serve others
  • Have the joy of the Lord
  • Fear the Lord–have reverence for Him.

I also pray regularly that they would embrace a biblical understanding of manhood/masculinity and womanhood/femininity.



2 responses to this post.

  1. Wonderful prayers! I also add these protective prayers written about by Evelyn Christenson in her book, Lord Change Me. (Her ministry is in Minneapolis–maybe you have met her?)

    Protection from satan, from the “world”, from their own misconceptions stemming from our sinful nature.

    And positively, that they would be filled with the Holy Spirit, and that He would teach them the truth and give them the power to witness effectively and live for Jesus. That they would be Jesus’ good and faithful servants all the days of their lives, and their children to the thousandth generation–or until he comes back for us!

    That they would walk in newness of life, walk worthy, in spirituality, in love, in wisdom, in the likeness of Christ, and by faith (from Pastor John Decker’s message, 7 Walks of the Christian).

    I don’t get on the computer much anymore, but I love your blog–keep on writing!


    • Thanks for the encouragement,Chris! Those are good prayers, too; thank you! I’m not sure if I’ve met Evelyn personally, but her husband, Harold, was the pastor who married my parents and dedicated me as a baby!


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