What a broken AC is teaching me . . .

…basically, how to live more simply!  We used to have central air, until it quit working last Friday.  We have a good friend who is VERY nicely coming out this afternoon to look at it , but before then, it’s supposed to hit 95 degrees (with high humidity.)  Here’s what I’m learning:

  1. Because almost every electrical appliance or gadget creates heat, I am realizing that I regularly use a LOT of electricity–but I don’t usually give it a second thought because we normally have central air.    What  a waste!  So we have no lights on, I didn’t use my hair dryer or curling iron this morning, and we’re certainly not using the oven!
  2. Physical labor should be done first thing in the day, before the house gets hot.  School does not count as physical labor.  🙂  So learning is actually a luxury that can be done mid-day in the basement in front of a fan.  (THEN they can go outside and run through the sprinkler!)
  3. A de-humidifier comes in REALLY HANDY; in fact, 80 degrees and 60% humidity isn’t that bad!  (It’s going to get hotter in here today, though!) 

– – – – – – –

More tips (that I’ve been using for many summers) and an experiment:

Put an electric roaster outside (or in your garage) and use it to bake anything that will fit in a 13×9 casserole dish.  You can also use your crockpot and/or bread machine outside or in your garage. 

And this summer, we’re going to experiment with using a de-humidifier in order to  be able to keep our house at a higher temperature.  Like I said, even 80 degrees isn’t that bad if it’s not humid, and our lower level (basement) does not need to be any cooler (thankfully!)


3 responses to this post.

  1. Just a thought about the de-humidifier – they use as much electricity as window A/C units plus they produce quite a bit of heat (air conditioners put their heat outdoors). When we run our de-humidifier in our basement it uses about 40 dollars of electricity a month which is actually quite a bit more than our window units (I’m assuming that is because it runs constantly when the basement is damp). I hope your A/C is fixed ASAP though in this heat today! I bet you weren’t counting on 100 degrees! Reminds me of meeting a 105 year old woman (perfectly alert mentally!) who was born in Oklahoma Territory before it was a state. In talking about her childhood she mentioned how miserable the summers were with 110 degrees and no relief in sight. She said basically everyone just sat around trying to catch a breeze and no cooking and no work at all since the heat was so dangerous that people died from the heat. She thought air conditioning was one of the top inventions of her lifetime!

    Hope you are staying cool today!


    • I agree that AC is one of the top inventions ever! I always say I could have lived before electricity EXCEPT for the lack of AC and fans!

      Here are my reasons for wanting a de-humidifier; you can tell me what you think…
      1) Our central air cools the whole house, even though we close all the vents to the lower level. It ends up COLD in the basement; so cold that guests have to sleep with flannel sheets and quilts! That seems like a waste of electricity to me.
      2) The basement is cold because we cool the MAIN FLOOR to at least (most?) 75 or 74 degrees (sometimes 73) because the AC is not taking out the humidity. So even 75 degrees is not comfortable. (Probably there’s something wrong with our AC.) I remember my parents cooling our house to 78 and it being comfortable, but I can hardly stand that in our house.

      Does that make sense? (I’ve always thought that our living room in our old house with a window unit was more comfortable than our current living room.) So 80 degrees in our house the other day was tolerable because the humidity was lower than usual! But maybe we’ll still end up spending more…


    • I should have added that, yes, it did get fixed, and I am VERY grateful! Especially today!


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