Kombucha – The Miracle Drink that No One Should Be Without!

Okay, that’s just my opinion, but this past weekend was not the first time that I was almost positive that Kombucha helped me avoid getting sick.  Here’s how it went:

5:30 pm (Saturday) – I noticed a slight “sensation” in the back of my throat—probably the beginning of a sore throat.  So I took some vitamin C & D and began sipping some kombucha (and continued doing so until the 16 oz bottle was empty.)

7:00 pm – My throat wasn’t better, but not worse, so I was hoping, “Maybe I’ve nipped this thing in the bud!”

9:00 pm – My throat felt very swollen, and I was kind of achy, so I was disappointed.  I really hoped the kombucha would work.

10:30 pm – I was pretty sure I was sick (fever, sore throat, tired), but found an “expired” bottle of kombucha in the back of my refrigerator; drank 1/3 of the bottle before bed and took some vitamins.

2:30 am – I woke up feeling horrible; very sore throat, definite fever, everything hurt.  Drank another `1/3 of the bottle and took vitamins.

6:30 am – Woke up feeling 80% healthy, drank some kombucha, and by the time I got to church, I was fine!  Yay!

Kombucha is an ancient, natural, cultured drink that you can find at some grocery stores and most health food stores.  You can also make it yourself, but I like (tolerate) the store-bought stuff much better!


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  1. Posted by AFan on September 27, 2011 at 2:32 pm

    I have personally benefitted a lot from GT’s Kombucha. I was suffering from stomach & intestine disorder (severe gas problems) for two years and terribly losing my health. Doctors could not find out the cause. I was even having problems in breathing, sleeping and other day to day activities. Kombucha has acted like a drink of immortality for me. I think I am reallly blessed to have found Kombucha to rescue me from slow death.


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