When Your Day Doesn’t Go As Planned and You Want to Give Up

More often than I would like to admit, my day does not go as planned (usually starting in the morning!), and I spend the rest of my day feeling frustrated, discouraged, and guilty—and wanting to give up and start over (which I can’t do). 

 So recently, I came up with a default plan for what to do instead of giving up and doing nothing (which I also can’t do!).   It gives me a “track to run on,” includes the bare minimum, and motivates me to finish my now-shorter list.

I.  Figure out what absolutely has to be done TODAY and do it (nothing else!)

  1.  Care for young children (Meals, diapers, naps, etc.)
  2.  Eat simple, but somewhat healthy meals
  3. Do outside commitments that I can’t get out of
  4. (Hopefully, there’s no schoolwork that absolutely has to get done that I also have to help with)

II.  Figure out what absolutely has to be done TOMORROW and make sure I’m ready (so I have a better day!)

  1.  Meal prep – thawing, soaking, first steps, etc.  (or change the menu!)
  2. Outside commitments – get ready
  3. If necessary, make a schedule for the next day

III.  Enjoy some free time

  1.  Have kids listen to story CD’s or watch a video
  2. Take a nap or read a book or get on my computer
  3. Analyze what went wrong and ways to prevent it in the future.  (Or just accept it, if it’s out of my control—like yesterday!)
  4. If I’m feeling up to it, read aloud to the kids—a book they enjoy, or just sit and talk with them…they enjoy my company when I’m not trying to get so much done!

IV.  If all else fails, pick up supper and a movie!  (Can’t use this every time, though!)


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