What Makes a Great Mom – A Tribute

My mom was born on Memorial Day, and for most of her life, Memorial Day was always on her birthday.  So this year, since Memorial Day is on the 30th, and since I have started a blog, I thought I would write just a little about what made her a great mom—a mom that I hope to be like!

I think it is very significant, that even though she passed away more than 14 years ago, I think about her EVERY SINGLE DAY because she was the one who taught me how to do almost everything I do on a daily basis!  My mom was a Home Economics teacher before I was born, and she never really quit teaching, even though she left the school building.  I think of her every time I make gravy, cut in butter, make pie crust, sew anything, clean and bandage a wound, plant seedlings, make a birthday cake, iron a man’s dress shirt…and the list goes on.  I’m often quoting to my kids things like, “My mom always said that [for baked goods] you don’t have to measure perfectly unless you’re making a birthday cake or a wedding cake.”  (And it’s true, I’ve found!)  Or when I sew, I still remember her teaching me the little tricks to make sewing easier or the project turn out better. 

But what is significant is not that I learned all those things, or that she was just a great teacher or homemaker, but that she loved me, invested time in me, and wanted me to someday find joy and contentment in being a homemaker, myself.  If that was her goal, she certainly succeeded, although, sadly, she never got to see it, as she died when I was only 28 years old and had no children yet.  (Okay, now I’m crying!) 

Happy Birthday, Mom!  I still miss you!!


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  1. Posted by jeremy on May 30, 2011 at 9:39 pm

    my birthday is on memorial day as well. :3


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