Picnic Tip: Picnicking With Very Small Children

Since our family went on over 100 picnics last year, I feel like I have a bit of experience, so here’s another picnic tip for those of you with young children . . .  

We used a tray-seat similar to this one for ALL of our little kids (9-18 months?) who would otherwise crawl all over the picnic blanket and get into everyone’s food!  I think it’s perhaps the single most important item you could have to make picnics with a one-year-old even a possibility.  And if you taught them sit time, you’ll have it made!

(This also works in the house when you need your child to stay in one place (for a few minutes:)) or if you’re practicing sit-time!


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  1. We use a big stroller to contain the 2 and under crowd during picnics (or any outing with the big group) – in our case a double stroller because there are two of them in that age category. It has a cup holder and snack holder for the toddler. So helpful to have a toddler sitting happily – I like that they know what to expect and how to act when in the stroller (or your chair). I don’t have that type of seat you mentioned, so had never thought of taking along something like that. Lots of good ideas. 🙂


    • You’re right–strollers work well, too! And yes, it is SO nice to have them learning how to sit happily and patiently! The tray on our chair is bigger, so they can eat a whole meal; they can also be on the blanket with us. But strollers are more portable! (We usually tucked the chair under the stroller on the walk to the picnic area.)


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