Tying Strings (Showing Love) with Hot Cocoa

I read once that “tying strings” between parents and children is very important; the more “strings” (or bonds, or happy memories) there are in a relationship, the more “broken” strings the relationship can handle.  And when you’re living with someone, strings break–a lot!  One wrong word can break a string, and it’s important to tie it back up again.

So in order to tie as many strings as possible, I’ve been taking my six oldest kids out for hot cocoa one at a time (one a week).  (I don’t think my two year old would appreciate it yet!)  Today I brought my nine-year old daughter, Adelyn, and we sat and played Uno while we drank our hot drinks.  (I get coffee!)  I try to ask each of them, “What would you like to do before we go out for hot cocoa again?” and every single time, Adelyn answers cheerfully, “Make a pie?”  So we are going to tie another string tomorrow (Friday) by making strawberry pie!

Going out for hot cocoa is also communicating at least one of the love languages: “quality time.”  It certainly can include “words of affirmation” if you say positive and encouraging things.  And it might also show “acts of service” if you run some errands to help your child start a project, or “gifts” if you buy something for them just  because!

As it turns out, it’s one of my favorite times of the week, and even my 13 year old looks forward to it!


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  1. Tying Strings is a great analogy. Especially the idea that if one is broke, there are still more. I always say we’re bound to screw up the kids, it’s more important they’re resilient. I, too am amazed at how much small moments matter to my children.


    • You are so right! No matter how badly I screw up, they still want to spend time with me (i.e. have a relationship with me)!

      I like the word “diligent” because I see it as slow but steady progress toward something worthwhile, and little moments seem to do the trick with kids.

      Thanks for your thoughts!


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