Looking For More Time?

Maybe it’s not called “diligence” when you persevere at something you enjoy, but I feel like I am “diligent” in reading books that summarize in a (book-sized) nutshell the main biblical principles behind becoming a more godly wife, mother and homemaker.  (And teacher, cook, secretary, etc.)  I read them not only for the content, but for the ongoing inspiration to be diligent. 🙂

 So here’s another book I found helpful in this endeavor:  Shopping for TIME – How to Do It All and NOT Be Overwhelmed, by Carolyn Mahaney.  I read it because of the provocative title—that’s exactly what I need; to “get it all done AND not be overwhelmed.”  Well, here’s the answer, one that I probably should have figured out myself . . .

“We can accomplish everything GOD has ordained for us to do in this life.  (Hint:  It’s probably not half of what’s on your to-do list.) . . . How?  By becoming SHOPPERS OF TIME.”  (emphasis mine)

The author suggests,

“…we don’t often manage the TIME God has granted us on this earth with the same intentionality or skill that we bring to SHOPPING…[We] plan, evaluate, strategize, and make wise choices when shopping…but we throw away our TIME as if we had an endless supply.  As a result, we often miss out on the best deals life has to offer…” (extra emphasis mine)

Here’s a few questions from the book to get the reader started:

  • Do you plan ahead to maximize your fruitfulness each day, or do you simply let life happen?
    • And I would say that when I include praying in my planning, my day goes much better!
  • Do you make choices based on Scripture or on what feels good at the moment?
    • This is where daily Bible reading and Bible-based books come in handy!  AND, some of these choices are going to keep you doing the SAME THING for a LONG time, like caring for a baby.  So you don’t have to PLAN every day to take care of your baby, but you DO have to plan what you’re NOT going to do!
  • Do you consider whom God would have you serve, or do you try to please everyone all the time?
    • And when you have only young children, just about all you’re going to have time for is your husband and children.  I wish I had accepted this when I had ALL young kids (I had five kids–5 years and younger for awhile); I wouldn’t have felt so much like a failure!

I hope to post more about HOW (according to this book) we can “shop for time” in a godly way.  (We’ll see if I find the time!)


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