Diligence – Sometimes Things Don’t Go As Planned

I just happened across this post today, probably because I was looking up “diligence” (one of my favorite words) online.  “Our Simple Joy” appears to be the blog of a like-minded mom, so I thought I would link to her post about teaching (and learning) diligence.

After a children’s lesson on diligence that incorporated gardening into the activities, she said,

“I think God was teaching me diligence in this day also.  I have to say when the little pots started to blow away, my kids eyes were filled with flower seed, and Ella tripped on her journey for water,  I wanted to wave my white flag and give up.  Sometimes things don’t go as planned, children don’t cooperate, and unexpected delays happen.  I learned today that I have to be diligent in all I do too!!”  (Bold mine)

It’s the keeping-on-going in the face of what looks like a disaster (sometimes with a fake smile) that not only leads to eventual “success,” but also teaches our children that to not give up is a very valuable skill–especially if it’s undergirded with prayer and biblical principles!


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