Prayer to be an Excellent Wife – 13 Words

Here’s a book I read early in my marriage, and I’m REALLY glad I did, because I think it helped me avoid some of the average pitfalls of married life (SOME of them; others, I’m still working on!).  It’s called The Excellent Wife, and I should read it again for a refresher.  However, here’s something I wrote down and have been using ever since . . .

The author, Martha Peace, took the description of the excellent wife found in Proverbs 31 and came up with a list of 13 short-worded character traits.  I decided to write them in my prayer notebook in alphabet order (except the top three, which I considered to be the most important) so that maybe I could memorize them.  Here they are:

An excellent wife (is) . . .

  1. Fears the Lord
  2. Respectful to her husband
  3. Good to her husband
  4. Blessed by her children
  5. Careful
  6. (of) Exception worth
  7. Generous
  8. Kind
  9. Not afraid
  10. Praised
  11. Trusted
  12. Wise
  13. Worker with hands

Then I divided up the list into days of the week so that I could not only pray for these to be evident in my life, but also think about ways to carry them out.  (And 13 is a little overwhelming for one day!)   It’s a helpful reminder of what one my goals is, that of enabling my husband to say that he has a “heavenly marriage.”  I don’t think he would say that yet, but I’m working on it!  Also, because of this book (and others, too), I’ve come a long way (at least in my attitude and/or expectations) since we were first married! 

I thank the LORD for sending me this book, which helps me live out biblical principles!  (Of course, I’m married to a great guy; that does help!)


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