Our REALLY Simple, Last-Minute Picnic

When you live in Minnesota, any day that’s warm and sunny (in May or earlier) is a special day.  On these kinds of days, our kids just assume we’ll be going on a picnic, even if supper is already in the crock pot.  This is what happened yesterday.  Our picnic was so last-minute, we forgot everything but the main dish and the water bottles.  But not only was it fun, it was REALLY SIMPLE, with almost no clean-up, since we even forgot the plates! 

Here’s what was in our picnic tacos  . . .

    • Browned ground beef in the crock pot
    • Tortillas
    • Sour cream and taco sauce
    • Grated cheese

Here’s how we made them . . .

We brought the whole crock pot on the picnic; it stays warm for a long time after it’s unplugged.

We assembled the soft tacos on our smaller picnic blanket on the table; it was thrown into the wash later.

We ate either on the bigger blanket or over the grass, since some of our tacos were dripping.

There was almost no clean-up, except to collect the leftover food, bring it home and put it in the frig.

(I should mention that we always keep two picnic blankets in our van, ready to go, and our water bottles in a cooler-case, ready to be filled at a moment’s notice.  Also, we USUALLY grab apples or prunes and some carrot sticks.  Oh well.)


4 responses to this post.

  1. We mentioned your family yesterday on the way home from our trip when we had our FIRST picnic of the year. We realize we can in no way compete for the “most picnics prize” with such pros in the competition, but I’ll do better with your creative tips on how to take homemade food out of the house. Thanks! 🙂


  2. There you go again! You’re going to have me writing five posts a day with all this encouragement!

    Also, we aren’t going for a big number this year, as Scott doesn’t think we can beat last year’s record of 100+. Oh, well. They’re still fun!


    • I’m in a commenting mood – so I may end up commenting on everything today (which I am reading out of order for some reason). Pace yourself on the posting – I do love your blog! I don’t have a blogroll on my blog, but I do have a little link section, I’m going to add you because you have great advice on all sorts of things I don’t ever write about on my blog. 🙂


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