“Home Ec” Friday – Strawberry Shortcake Squares in May

I mentioned in an earlier post that we homeschool year round, and one of the benefits of that is having time to do non-textbook-activities every week, since we do our regular school-work Monday through Thursday.  Today, for example, we are getting ready to have our small group at our house in the evening, and we are making strawberry shortcake. 

So my kids are learning how to cut in butter to make shortcake dough (basically biscuit dough),

. . . and roll it out and cut it.

We used this recipe, but instead of rolling out the dough and then cutting out circles, which would require re-rolling and cutting (and then those biscuits are a little tougher), I learned from a friend (thanks, Nina!) that you can do this: 

Here’s how they turned out:

Later, we will top them with sliced and sugared strawberries and whipped cream, and it should look like the above picture!  I hope!


4 responses to this post.

  1. I will certainly try that!
    (But sometimes I’ll still cut them into shapes–I collect cookies cutters and like to cut biscuits into shapes as well as cookies:-)


  2. I love the squares idea! Grace makes biscuits for herself some mornings and this will make it much easier. We, too, make biscuits in shapes (stars, circles, hearts) but I’ve never thought of just cutting the dough. I certainly need your tips! Keep them coming!


    • You’re so encouraging, Sara! I just MIGHT keep them coming if you keep commenting (if I don’t run out!) (Just kidding–you don’t have to keep commenting. I love it, though!)


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