Simple (and Mostly Healthy) Yogurt Recipe

I’m always looking for things I can make myself, rather than buy, such as yogurt.  The other day, my 13yo followed this recipe to make crock pot yogurt.  It was easy, and it turned out great!  

Here’s what we did (but you still need the recipe) . . .

    • The recipe suggests adding optional gelatin or dry milk, so we added both, and since it turned out thick enough, we didn’t drain it.  
    • For the starter, we just used a whole small container (6 oz.) of raspberry yogurt, which has sugar in it, so the entire 8 cups of yogurt was sweet enough for me.  (My kids added some pure maple syrup to theirs.) 
    • We started first thing in the morning, but you could also start 5 1/2 hours before you go to bed, since it takes 13 1/2 hours, with the last 8 hours being the incubation period. 

So what would make it more healthy?  Using real (raw) milk, plain yogurt for the starter, and either no sweetner or a natural sweetner like raw honey or pure maple syrup.  And if you wanted a yogurt drink, y0u could leave out the gelatin and dry milk, or add milk to the yogurt afterward.  (I’ve also read that dry milk isn’t very healthy–so sad!)


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  1. looks yummy–will pass it on to friends, too… 🙂


  2. Posted by April on May 19, 2011 at 2:40 pm

    I’m pretty sure my crockpot cooks too hot for yogurt. I read a while back that the newer ones don’t cook as slowly as the old ones, and my experience suggests it’s true. Also, I wouldn’t recommend raw milk to anyone, unless they’re pasturing the cow and milking it themselves. Finally, when I use my yogurt maker, it just takes starter (from yogurt or the powdered kind) and the scalded milk, and what comes out is only slightly softer than Dannon plain. Why do you think it needed gelatin? I did recently make “yogurt cheese”–that’s what the instructions from my maker called it. Too thick, but think the cloth bag I used would work for making the Greek style (which I love)if I just let the yogurt drain less time. I find 1/2 c of plain Greek yogurt, w/ raw oats and golden raisins, mixed w/ hot water to cover just the oats, will power me from 7:00 right on to at least noon. Tons of protein in that stuff.


    • Your breakfast sounds good; I like Greek yogurt, too!

      We have been consuming raw milk for nine years now with no problems. Also, I find draining the yogurt messy and time-consuming, so I prefer the gelatin, especially since it’s my kids who eat most of the yogurt. (But what kind of bag do you use; and where did you get it?) And finally, I just bought my 4-quart crockpot a few months ago, and it works great for yogurt. (I’m trying to avoid buying a one-use item to put in my kitchen; I actually had a yogurt maker a few years ago, and it didn’t last very long before it just quit heating.)


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