Why We Homeschool Year-round

Around this time of year, since we homeschool, we often get the question, “When will you be done with school?”  And I reply, “Oh, we homeschool year-round.”  This is when the other person probably feels really sorry for my kids (and me), but I actually love it!  (And the kids don’t know this, but they like it, too.  Have you ever tried to take a week off, but stay at home?  The kids are bored by Wednesday!) 

So why do we like it?

    • First, we regularly do school Monday through Thursday, which means we get one day off every week.  (And you can’t get bored in one day.)    So Friday is cleaning and/or project day.
    • Also, on that “day off,” the kids don’t get bored.  I get much less done when my kids are bored.  Enough said. 
    • I don’t feel guilty taking days off for special occasions year-round, like birthdays, Holy Week, traveling, preparing for Christmas, helping out at church, etc.  (I would even call a nice day in Minnesota (in May) a special occasion!) 
    • Learning is not a bad thing, so we shouldn’t need a three-month “break” from it. 
    • Book-learning (school) is only a part of our day, but everything seems to go out the window when we take a break from “school.”  So basically, it keeps us spending our time wisely year round.
    • I don’t want to spend the month of September reviewing—that means four months off.
    • Summer vacation is not real life for most people in the world, nor will it be for my kids in 6 to 16 years, so I don’t want them to “live” for time-off.  (Why can’t we enjoy a lifestyle that includes work?)

Did I miss any?  Happy work-day!


5 responses to this post.

  1. I like your reasons and think you are planning wisely. We also enjoyed long weekends and holiday breaks.

    Yet we enjoyed taking a summer break from the text books–though not necessarily three months. We liked having the extra time in the summer for practicing musical instruments, and things like that, more than we could with all of the other subject commitments during the regular school year.

    Our local library had wonderful summer programs that kept us reading and doing literature based projects.

    A few summer’s ago I wrote a column about creative summer learning for a magazine in PA. I copied it at my blog in case you’d like to read it.

    Not trying to talk you into changing your plans. Just mentioning these things for those who might feel a bit overwhelmed about keeping the same schedule all year round. Hope you don’t mind.


    • Good point; I don’t mean to overwhelm anyone. On the contrary, I find my “school year” less stressful because I’m not trying to fit everything in, which would require five days a week, all day. I maybe should have also mentioned that we get most of our school work done in the morning, leaving afternoons free for “creative pursuits.” (Although that will change as my kids get older.)

      Thanks for your thoughts! (Did you see I linked to your blog?)


  2. […] mentioned in an earlier post that we homeschool year round, and one of the benefits of that is having time to do […]


  3. If Kevin worked the same hours during the Summer as he does during the “school year” I would definitely do this! When my kids were all young and Kevin worked a Sat. we would often “do school” to maintain routine. Since our Dad works crazy 60-70 hour weeks during the school year (never home for dinners) then is home a lot during the summer doing projects, I like for the kids to be able to participate with him and his schedule as much as possible. I encourage lots of creativity and exploration of interests in the Summer which works well for us though it’s also messy and a bit crazy – it is highly educational! Lots of arts, crafts and music – lots of science and lots of fun reading. We do still maintain general routines (in theory). I still consider year round school from time to time, though, as what you say is true – our “school days” are always better ordered. I am always very ready for a new “school year” to start by the end of summer, that is for sure.


    • You’re right; not everyone hasa husband with normal working hours. I would saythat part ofmy reason for liking year-round school is that oursummer days used to get very boring with Scott gone8:00 to6:00 every day.


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