“Choices Determine Destiny” or “Destiny Determines Choices”?

I decided to change the name of today’s message by John Piper (in my mind), because on the way home from church, I heard on the radio the title of a just-aired sermon (of which I had mostly missed), and it was the OPPOSITE of the implication of Pastor John’s sermon.  The radio-sermon title was, “Choices Determine Destiny,” and I thought, Hey!  The gist of Pastor’s John sermon (in my words) was, “Destiny Determines Choices.”

Here’s the outline, in my own words, from my notes:

  1.  You do not have to die – in fact, if you’re a believer, you have already begun your eternal life!
  2. Jesus Christ is the one (and only one) who makes this possible.
  3. There are stunning implications of this for your life, starting today . . .

The fear of death robs us of risk and adventure and keeps us safe, boring and self-centered.  He said that most people live incredibly boring lives; we spend enormous amounts of time just trying to protect ourselves and our families, rather than taking risks—because we are afraid of something that’s not even going to happen to us—if we’re saved.  He ended by asking, “What kind of wild dreams might you dream for the next chapter?  After you’re 80?!  Or after you’re 8–children?! “

(This sermon was based on John 8:47-59, and I recommend you check it out!)

(And yes, I sometimes listen to old-fashioned Bible stations!)


One response to this post.

  1. I’m not saying that choices don’t determine destiny; I just thought the juxtaposition of the two sermons (back to back, for me) was interesting, and brought into focus the implication of John Piper’s sermon.


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