Simple Picnics = Lots of Picnics = Love Languages

We sometimes get the question, “HOW do you go on so many picnics???” (especially when the weather is warm only four months out of the year!)  I think the answer lies in the fact that they are VERY SIMPLE.  My friends/acquaintances probably imagine me pulling homemade fried chicken (with all the picnic fixings–including homemade apple pie) out of a classic, old-fashioned (and somewhat romantic) picnic basket, but that’s really not the case.  But you know what?  My kids don’t care.  What they care about is that we are together, and they know that THEY are their parents’ favorite people to spend time with! 

Just the other day I asked some of my kids what they like about picnics (we go on about two a week when the weather is nice.) 

  • Three kids:  They’re fun!
  • Me:  What’s fun about them?
  • Kids:  We go to a playground.  (Actually, we don’t always go to a playground . . . )
  • Me:  But there’s a playground right across the street from our house.
  • Kids:  But you don’t go over there and watch us play.  We like to be with you!

So . . . picnics express love languages. 

  • Quality Time – if you  spend a little longer than usual talking or playing with them.  (It’s a great opportunity to spend time with the kids who feel too old for a playground; they stay on the blanket and talk!)
  • Acts of service (kind of) – because you’re driving them to a different park
  • Gifts (maybe) – if you pack a dessert (which we otherwise never have)
  • Physical Affection– if you’re sitting on a blanket and your child is leaning on you (even when it’s 90 degrees and humid!)
  • Words of Affirmation – if you say nice things to/about your kids when you’re with them!

 I’ll explain later HOW we keep our picnics simple.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I like the idea of the five love languages – a nice post.


  2. Excellent points! We had our first picnic of the season May 13. It was my piano studio picnic. 🙂


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