The Name “Simple Diligence”

I tried to sum up the basic method of my daily life in the name of this blog—Simple Diligence.  Simple Diligence is not my goal, rather it is the method I have chosen for reaching my goal(s). 

SIMPLE:  With seven kids, I need to pursue the simple—in everything!  Notice I said “pursue” the simple, not “obtain” the simple, for my life is not as simple as I would like it, nor will it ever be!  But if I don’t pursue simplicity, the “complicated” will take over, and I’ll be completely overwhelmed!

DILIGENCE:  I have discovered that the best way to find “success” is to focus on living diligently (like a tree), rather than on immediate change or success.  I am not always diligent, but my pursuit of diligence has reaped some benefits.  I have no overnight success stories, just slow, diligent growth toward a meaningful goal.


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  1. This is inspiring to me. I’m sure I’ll revisit it often for encouragement. If you have not already read it, I think you’ll like the book, Smart Women Keep It Simple by Annie Chapman. I also love her book, Ten Things I Want My Daughter to Know.


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